A Clean Home Stands Out

Be confident when recieving your next guest by choosing a cleaning system designed to meet your specific needs.

Turnover Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning services don’t understand the special needs of vacation rentals like we do.

We Are
Turnover Specialists

Experience how much easier managing your vacation rental or Airbnb can be with a Between Guest Turnover Specialist.

Working with vacation rental managers and hospitality specialists, we have developed a proven system specifically for turnovers, which allows you to feel confident when receiving your next guests.

The Turnover Specialist Checklist

Checkmark  Quick Performance

Our experienced, fully-equipped Turnover Specialists are always on time and offer same day service.

Checkmark  Flexible

We work 365 days, 7 days a week so you never miss out on popular vacation and travel dates.

Checkmark  Accessible

By going online or using your mobile device, scheduling a cleaning is easy.

Features of our online platform include your personal calendar and your home profiles which help you stay organized.

Checkmark  Detail Oriented

The days of going to your space before each guest are over.

Leave us notes addressing your needs and rest assured that everything will be taken care of.


We make sure your guest's stay is memorable from the very beginning.

We care about creating the right atmosphere for your guests. Selecting the right air fresheners or essential oil diffusers, towels, and other products is very important to us.

Deep Clean

Cleaning option for prolonged stays by guests or after two to three months of hosting guests.

Opening Clean

A great option for opening up your home for the new season.

Closing Clean

You’ve worked hard, let us help you end the season strong.

Deep Clean

Opening Clean

Closing Clean

Cleaning option for prolonged stays by guests or after two to three months of hosting guests.

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Deep Clean

Every Turnover receives our thorough cleaning, however we recommend a deep clean for after prolonged stays by guests or after two to three months of hosting guests.

When you schedule a deep clean we’ll have more time to do some additional tasks on top of our basic turnover service.

A Deep Cleaning Turnover is a Basic Turnover, plus:

  • Wiping down baseboards
  • Cleaning and wiping A/C vents
  • Sanitizing floors and surfaces
  • Dusting and cleaning behind furniture
  • Wiping down ceiling fans
  • Wiping window panels, shades and blinds
  • Cleaning inside cabinets and drawers
  • Vaccumming under rugs

Opening and
Closing Clean

We also do deep cleans specifically for Opening or Closings for vacation rental owners and managers. We know how to properly close down or open a space for the season.

We do the extra things so you don’t have to make unnessary trips to each of your properties to close or open them up for the season.

An Opening or Closing Turnover is a Basic Turnover, plus:

  • Bringing inside, wiping down and storing outdoor furniture
  • Arranging outdoor furniture outside per your instructions
  • Replacing bed sheets for closing or opening
  • Turning water heater on or off
  • Turning water on or off
  • Setting humidistat for opening or closing
  • Setting thermostat for opening or closing temperature
  • Checking lights are all working properly and if there are replacement bulbs
  • Turning off all lights
  • Checking levels of hygiene paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, tissue paper)
  • Checking levels of fluids in the house (dishwasher soap, dishwasher detergent, hand soap, shampoo, body wash)
  • Adhering to your special instructions


Are you away from home, or simply too busy to restock your essential items?

Our Essentials Package supplies your guests with everything they will need during their stay, including: 2 toilet paper rolls, 1 box of tissue, hand soap, body wash, and shampoo 1 paper towel roll, dish soap, dishwasher pods, a sponge, and trashbags. Because we care about the environment and your guests, all items in our Essential Package are eco-friendly and made out of recycled materials.

If you have your own toiletries to use and do not select our Essentials Package, we will refill the above mentioned items from your stock and let you know if you are running low. Just let us know where to find these items in your home.


Explore Between Guests

Stay Organized with Helpful Features

Between Guests is designed to help you do more and work less. Schedule and track your turnover cleaning from anywhere using your mobile device or computer.

Explore Between Guests

Stay Organized with Helpful Features

Between Guests is designed to help you do more and work less. Schedule and track your turnover cleaning from anywhere using your mobile device or computer.


Stop washing other people’s sheets! Let us take care of that for you

Our Linens Package provides high quality, hotel style sheets and towels for your guests. It includes 1 set of sheets for any size bed with pillow cases, 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, and 4 wash cloths. Our linens are washed off-site, saving you on water and electricity costs and making our turnover more efficient.

If you have your own linens to use and do not select our Linens Package, we will change the sheets and towels using your own stock. Just let us know where you store the extra linens and where to put the dirty linens.


Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Your health and the environment is very important to us.

All of Between Guests cleaning products are eco-friendly and have passed tests for effectiveness. These ingredients passed the Whole Foods Market Category, “Eco Scale”, Certified by Green Seal. This makes them some of the most powerful plant-based, eco-friendly cleaners available.


Our prices are based on a detailed cleaning of one bedroom and one bathroom which includes a kitchen and living area. We provide all of the following for just $65.

Add your home’s details to calculate your personal turnover quote.

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Let us do the dirty work for you. Start using Between Guests today!

About Us

We are avid travelers and hospitality professionals who understand the needs of Airbnbs and vacation rentals.

When your guests arrive home from a long day, the most comforting feeling is sleeping in a welcoming home, from smelling its fresh aromas to climbing into its comfortable, clean bed. Everyone has heard that one horror story about a terrible Airbnb or vacation rental home experience, where the host didn’t prepare things right, clean up well, or leave enough towels.

Since we are avid travelers who love staying in these unique hospitality settings instead of hotels, we decided to create Between Guests. We help the hosts provide a quality service to make their lives easier and keep their guests happy. We know our job is twofold: make the host stand out and make the guest as happy as possible.

Work With Us

At Between Guests, You Are Not Just A Cleaning Person

You are a Turnover Specialist trained in the art of Turnover Cleaning. You will become a paid employee with the benefits of an independent contractor.

We do things differently at Between Guests. Since we offer something unique to our clients, we are looking for hard working and unique individuals who are detail oriented like us and excited to work!

Unique Benefits

Work when you want to work, and on your terms: you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and take time off as needed.

Freedom and flexibility to work from home and choose how far you are willing to travel

This company is about you. With a great compensation and bonus programs, along with incentives to boost your income, we are continually focused on you and your success!

Are you a hard worker and are someone who pays attention to the little details? We’d like to hear from you, apply now!

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To be hired by Between Guests you must go through a background check, work history check, and be available to schedule an interview.